SimAirport: il tycoon aereo

SimAirport è un gioco gestionale in cui vestiremo il ruolo di CEO aeroportuale. Costruire e gestire un aeroporto: questa la mission principale del gioco. Bisognerà creare il proprio aeroporto curando stand, code, aree controlli fino ad arrivare ai gate e alle piste di atterraggio. SimAirport è un gioco ben fatto, ancora in alpha ma promettente e ricco di aggiornamenti quotidiani.

SimAirport copre il gap dei tycoon nel settore aereo e batte sul tempo Airport CEO ancora in sviluppo da più di un anno.

È già disponibile su Steam a 21,99€ ed è disponibile per Windows e per Mac

Descrizione ufficiale di SimAirport

Is a modern tycoon-style simulation & management game where you design, build, and manage an airport.
Construct an airport from the ground up, hire your staff, choose airlines to work with, customize flight schedules, build out your infrastructure — baggage conveyer systems & luggage services, public access roads, fuel pipelines, runway upgrades and maintenance, aircraft navigation aids, hangars and service vehicles, etc — and much more.

Your Airport: Completely built by you…

  • Roads, taxiways, runways
  • Terminals, food courts, first class & coach queues, every detail
  • Control towers, runway navaids & lighting, baggage systems, hangars, etc.

Two Gameplay Modes

  • Sandbox — unlimited funds, no bankruptcy
  • Career — challenge yourself & try to turn a profit


  • Deep Systems-Based Gameplay: everything has purpose, nothing is purely aesthetic
  • Airlines: 15+ each with unique liveries, desires & cares, and passengers
  • Aircraft: assortment of 14+ aircraft, twin turboprop to 4-engine turbine
  • Actively developed with regular ongoing updates; developers active in community

Early Access

It is being released as an Early Access title. The game is not yet finished and there are gameplay aspects that are missing or incomplete, and you may encounter bugs. We plan to be in Early Access for quite a while, most likely 6-12 months or more — there are a lot of gameplay elements that we’d like to add to the game as well as tons of additional content.

Please purchase ONLY if: you are excited to play the game as it is now AND you are interested in actively providing feedback & participating in the community to aid future development efforts.

SimAirport Gameplay

Download & Links

SimAirport Screenshot

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